Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oh,so.. Your weak rhyme.

You've been seeking for magic. Crawling and craving to get to it. To get in it.
You've almost been there,but as the river was shallow and the depth not enough for your exploring needs,oceans take place.
You're a full-time swimmer,fighter,a loyal soldier. 
But yet a destroyer.
Poor little self, you're afraid of it,because it comes with a price. Haven't you paid enough? 
Here it is,magic dust is heating on you once again with its gold-ish little pleasures. 
Why do you keep on letting those chains surrounding you as they may choke you to death? Why are you trying to dismiss the heaven-made arrow with its sweet sea-storm tortures?
You've already walked down that road right? But also walked a thousand miles to get here right? 
Now go and get your rewards,get the answers of your prayers.
Fulfill your damn dark insecurities. 
Risk or fail,all the positives and negatives lead to the way of your own inner health.

But oh,dear darling.
It's all lies.

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