Monday, February 29, 2016

When Sun meets Venus,when fire meets air

Dear loving sunshine,your bright shining is really tempting. 
You've hugged Venus with your cursed light. Yes,you did share your gifts with her. But when it comes to her,it seems like it was a pleasure of hers to give it all to you,unconditionally. 
Erotic Venus,you've met the disasterous Narcism in person and fallen for him.  How could you?
He wouldn't let you see,that falling for him was a very promising mistake,like you didn't know.
Sun,you've blown her mind,as she adore rich looks like yours.
Dear Aphrodite,you've turned a blind eye to his sunset,and as he disappeared so did all the goods of this mysterious crime.
Crime of love.
You didn't follow him back then,on that early morning by the sunrise.
You met him all grown,yet powerful.
Dear Goddess of the good and beautiful loving,very dear twelve Dominant planets,dear UNIVERSE,galaxies,and oh Lord,five supreme elements. 
How could you betray me.

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